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Hatene kona ba / Compreender / Understanding / Mengerti Timor Leste

Edited by Michael Leach, Nuno Canas Mendes, Antero B. da Silva, Alarico da Costa Ximenes and Bob Boughton. Hawthorn: Swinburne Press, 328pp. AU$30 (hardcopy).

The papers in this edited and refereed volume were first presented at the Timor-Leste Studies Association's Understanding Timor-Leste conference (UNTL, Dili, 2-3 July 2009). Papers in the collection are divided into four language sections (Tetum-Dili, Portuguese, English and Bahasa Indonesia), along with a special section on Adult and Popular education.

The online edition of the Understanding Timor-Leste also includes a new section of online refereed articles not included in the original volume.

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Preliminary pages
Table of Contents
Lia Maklokek – Prefácio – Foreword – Prakata    

Hatene Timor Leste                                                         

1. Reforma Agraria no Modelu Dezenvolvimentu: Agenda IFIs ho Donor sira iha Pos-Okupasaun Timor-Leste
Antero B. da Silva, Arsenio Perreira, David de Oliveira, Lucio J. Savio, Adilsonio da C. Junior no Natalicio Nunes

2. Enerjia Alternativa: Opsaun viavel ba Politika Enerjetika iha Timor
Domingos Freitas     

3. Polítika Komunidade no Harii-Dame iha Timor Leste
Alex Gusmão ho M. Anne Brown           

4. Kódigu penál foun no nesesidade ba asesu legál ba terminasaun gravidés iha Timor-Leste
Suzanne Belton no Andrea Whittaker      

5. Funu no Mudansa Klimatika iha Timor-Leste: Testamunha Pessoal
Antero Bendito da Silva

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Compreender Timor-Leste          

6. Dilemas identitários e fatalidades geopolíticas: Timor-Leste entre o Sudeste Asiático e o Pacífico-Sul
Nuno Canas Mendes     

7.O potencial de Timor-Leste na geopolítica da CPLP  
José Palmeira     

8.Reflexões sobre a Reforma dos Sectores de Segurança e Justiça em Timor-Leste
Luís Elias     

9. O Contributo da GNR na Construção do Estado e da Segurança em Timor-Leste
Reinaldo Saraiva Hermenegildo     

10. A realidade constitucional Timorense na relação com a alteridade
Ricardo Sousa da Cunha     

11. Reciprocidade, reconhecimento e sofrimento: Mobilizadores políticos no Timor-Leste independente
Kelly Silva     

12. Os nomes dos Timorenses: Resistência à Indonésia e Construção de Identidade Nacional
Rui Graça Feijó     

13. Igualdade jurídica e diversidade cultural: dilemas para a modernização timorense
Daniel Schroeter Simião     

14. Trajectórias de Mulheres Timorenses em Portugal: Género e Transnacionalismo na Diáspora
Sofia Miranda     

15. As mulheres e a terra, uma leitura da situação em Timor-Leste
Vanda Margarida J. S. Narciso, Pedro Damião de Sousa Henriques     

16. Tecendo margens no oceano Índico: Paz, Justiça social e Mulheres de Moçambique e Timor-Leste
Teresa Cunha     

17. Cooperação, Saúde Mental e Diálogo Cultural
Karina Oliveira     

18. A adopção de uma plataforma de e-learning na Universidade Nacional de Timor-Leste
Sara Moreira, Francisco Restivo, Francisco Dionísio     

19. A economia de mercado e o direito humano à água em Timor Leste
Manuel Couret Branco, Pedro Damião de Sousa Henriques     

20. A Política Externa de Portugal para a PESC: o Caso de Timor-Leste
Reinaldo Saraiva Hermenegildo

Understanding Timor-Leste     

21. Writing History in post-conflict Timor-Leste
Michael Leach     

22. Power-sharing in the Tropics and the ubiquitous ‘presidential drift’: the mechanics and dynamics of unstable equilibrium in the ‘semi-presidentialism’ of East Timor
Armando Marques Guedes

23 National Identity in Timor-Leste: A Brief Comparative Study  
Damien Kingsbury     

24. Past, present and future: some critical perspectives on British government policy in relation to impunity and justice matters in Timor-Leste
Paul Hainsworth     

25. Challenging International Relations ‘Rationales’: Another understanding to Timor Leste and Mozambique
Teresa Amal
26. Leaders, Lawyers & Lian Nains: Sources of Legal Authority in Timor-Leste
Andrew Marriot     

27. Protection and Preservation of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict: the journey of the Antoulas Collection ends in Dili
Symeon Antoulas and Robyn Baxendale     

28. Post-independence Timorese Literature and the Aesthetics of Accountability
Leigh-Ashley Lipscomb     

29. The 1959 Rebellion in East Timor: Unresolved Tensions and an Unwritten History
Ernest Chamberlain     

30. Democratisation and Timor Leste after UNTAET: Towards participatory intervention
Michael Morison     

31. Eaton and White in Portuguese Timor: The first two Australian consuls, 1946-1950
Steven Farram     

32. The Politics of Remembrance and Victims’ Rights in East Timor
Lia Kent     

33. Reconstructing Timor-Leste: The World Bank’s Trust Fund for East Timor
Thomas W D Davis     

34. East Timor a dependent State. What can we do for the Timorese?
J. A. Berlie     

35. Navigating Intercultural Space: Land, Customary Law and the State in Australia and Timor-Leste
David Mearns

36. ‘Land reform’ in Timor Leste? Why the Constitution is worth defending
Tim Anderson     

37. Use of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) Spectroscopy to Monitor Beef Cattle Nutrition in Southern Queensland and Use of Faecal Chemistry as an Index of the Nutritional Status of Bali Cattle in East Timor
Flaviano Soares, Gordon Dryden

38. ‘Not with fear’: understanding the role of the Catholic Church in reproductive healthcare in Timor-Leste
Esther Richards  

39. Placing East Timor on the Syllabus: Pedagogical Strategies for Teaching East Timor in University Level History Survey Courses
Michael Vann     

40. Using talk in classrooms: constructing meaning
Marie Quinn     

41. Young Women and gender dimensions of change in Timorese civil society
Ann Wigglesworth     

42. The Importance of Outreach Birthing Services: Lessons from the Implementation of Maternity Waiting Homes in Timor-Leste
Kayli Wild, Lesley Barclay, Paul Kelly    

Understanding Timor-Leste – Adult and Popular Education     

43. Ten Years On: Adult Education & Development in Timor-Leste
Bob Boughton     

44. A comparison between popular education and a traditional adult literacy program in Baucau District from 2006 to 2007
Jorge Da Silveira Guterres     

45. Amilcar Cabral’s pedagogy of liberation struggle and his influence on FRETILIN 1975-1978
Antero Bendito da Silva     

46. Popular Education & Peacebuilding in Timor-Leste: Theoretical Foundations
Deborah Durnan     

47. The significance of using the Cuban method in Literacy Learning
Zelia Fernandes     

48. Collaborative evaluation of the English-language curriculum at Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL)
Marcos Antonio Amaral, Roger Barnard, Jenny Field, James McLellan

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Mengerti Timor-Leste     

49. Analisis Komposisi Botani dan Komposisi Kimia Padang Penggembalaan Alam di Pertengahan dan Akhir Musim Hujan Pada Dataran Tinggi dan Dataran Rendah di Kapubaten Lautem
Brigida A.Correia, Lucio Gomes Ligia T.Correia, Joao F.Rendes, Mateus da Cruz, Armondo Afonso     

50. Cakupan pasar daging sapi sekarang dan masa depan di Timor-Lesté: Studi kasus di Covalima, Maliana, Ambeno dan Dili
Guilhermino da Cruz, Eduardo Aniceto Serrão, Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, Armando B.M. Afons, Richard S. Copland, Carlos Antonio Amaral     

51. Analisis sistem pertanian di Distrik Lautem, Manatuto dan Aileu, Timor Leste
José Nelson Salsinha, Vicente de Paulo Correia, Carlito de Araujo, Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, John A. Janes, Julio Correia     

52. Meninggalkan Politik Revolusioner demi Kemerdekaan Tanah Air Dampak Pendudukan Indonesia pada Gerakan Kemerdekaan Timor-Leste
Nug Kacasungkana

53. International Tribunal Untuk Timor Leste
Clinton Fernandes           

Understanding  Timor-Leste – Refereed On-line Papers          

54. Analysing Timor-Leste Electoral Politics from a Socio-Economic Perspective
Akihisa Matsuno

55. Transdisciplinary Research:  a new opportunity for understanding Timor-Leste
Sarina Kilham and Juliet Willetts

56. Ninjas in the night: fear, the state and the Catholic church in Timor Leste
Leong Kar Yen

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