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Updates: International Symposium and Photo Exhibition: The Santa Cruz Massacre: Thirty Years On

Draft program

The draft symposium program is now available HERE. Closer to the symposium start date, we will also distribute an abstract booklet. 


There is still time to submit photographs, writings, or other memorabilia related to the Santa Cruz Massacre and its commemoration. See below for more details.


Registration is now closed.


INVITATION: Memories and memorabilia of the 12 November Santa Cruz Massacre

(konvite iha Tetun haktuir)

Do you have photographs, writings, or other memorabilia related to the Santa Cruz Massacre and its commemoration? As part of activities commemorating the thirty-year anniversary of the Santa Cruz Massacre, the Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA) is calling for creative writings, personal reflections and photographs related to the event, which will be exhibited as part of our online symposium, “The Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991: Thirty Years On”, 9-10 November 2021.  

Photographs may be of events such as rallies, protests, and other commemorative activities from around the world. Also welcome are photographs of leaflets, memorabilia, banners, badges, and artwork related to the protest, the massacre, and / or its aftereffects. For them to be exhibited, photographs must have the permission of the photographer. 

Requirements for photographs: 

  • Colour or black and white photographs taken by you or with the permission of the photographer (included in email); 
  • Photographs must be between 1-3 megapixels; 
  • A short caption for each photograph explaining the context and the subject(s) (100 words max);  
  • By sending in the photographs, you authorize their display in the exhibition. 

Please note that creative writings and personal reflections must not exceed 300 words.  Please email your creative writings, personal reflections and photographs to the Symposium Organizing Committee, tlsa2021symposium@gmail.com by 1 October 2021.  

KONVITE: Memoria no rekordasaun kona ba Masakre Santa Cruz 12 de Novembru

Ita-boot iha retratu, hakerek sira ka rekordasaun seluk kona-ba Masakre Santa Cruz no ninia komemorasaun?

Iha ambitu husi atividade sira hodi komemora aniversáriu dala tolunulu Masakre Santa Cruz nian, Asosiasaun ba Estudu Timor-Leste nian (Timor-Leste Studies Association, TLSA) husu hela hakerek kriativureflesaun pesoál no retratu sira relasiona ho eventu ne’e, ne’ebé sei hatudu nu’udar parte simpóziu online nian, ‘Masakre Santa Cruz 1991, Tinan 30 Liubá’, loron 9-10 fulan-novembru 2021.

Retratu sira bele kona-ba manifestasaun, protestu, no atividade komemorativu sira seluk iha mundu tomak. Simu mós retratu folletu nian, rekordasaun, spanduk/banner, emblema, no obra arte nian kona-ba protestu, masakre, no / ka ninia efeitu sira ikusmai. Hodi bele hatudu, retratu sira tenke iha autorizasaun husi fotógrafu.

Rekizitu ba retratu sira:

  • Koloridu, ka retratu metan-mutin hasai husi ita-boot, ka autoriza hosi fotógrafu (inkluída iha email);
  • Retratu sira tenke ho megapixels entre 1-3;
  • Lejenda badak ba retratu ida-idak esplika nia kontestu no sujeitu (sira) (másimu iha liafuan 100);
  • Ba retratu sira ne’ebé haruka tiha ona, ne’e katak autoriza hodi hatudu iha espozisaun. Liafuan ba hakerek kriativu no reflesaun pesoál sira labele liu 300.

Favór haruka imi-nia hakerek kriativu, reflesaun pesoál no retratu sira ba email

Komité ba Organizasaun Simpóziu nian, tlsa2021symposium@gmail.com tarde liu dia 1 fulan-outubru 2021.  

Registration now open! Rejistrasaun loke tiha ona! Inscrições abertas!

The Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991: Thirty Years On

An International Research Symposium

9–10 November 2021 (Online)

The Santa Cruz Massacre of 12 November 1991 in Dili, East Timor was a turning point in the East Timorese struggle for national self-determination. The Indonesian army’s killing of more than two hundred and seventy young East Timorese protesters at the Santa Cruz cemetery was captured in dramatic footage and broadcast internationally, turning global attention back to this former Portuguese colony. Critically, the protest – and its violent crackdown – dramatically changed the way the international community regarded the Indonesian occupation of the territory. Responses to the Santa Cruz Massacre also demonstrated the growing power, influence, and impact of transnational solidarity networks and global human rights activism.

Scheduled in the leadup to the thirty-year anniversary of the massacre, this two-day online symposium will bring together international researchers to discuss this critical event. The symposium is organised by the Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA), Australia, in partnership with the Centro Nacional Chega (CNC), Timor-Leste and supported by the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA). Papers will be presented in Tetum, Portuguese, English or Indonesian.

Registration will close October 15th, 2021. Registration is now closed.

For more information email: tlsa2021symposium@gmail.com 

Organising committee: Dr Vannessa Hearman (Curtin University), Professor Michael Leach (Swinburne University), Dr Hannah Loney (Central European University), Dr Marisa Ramos Gonçalves (CES, Universidade de Coimbra) and Rogerio Savio (independent scholar).

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