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The Santa Cruz Massacre, 1991: Thirty Years On

An International Research Symposium

9–10 November 2021 (Online)

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The Santa Cruz Massacre of 12 November 1991 was a turning point in the East Timorese struggle for national self-determination. The Indonesian army’s killing of more than two hundred and seventy young East Timorese protesters at the Santa Cruz cemetery was captured in dramatic footage and broadcast internationally, turning global attention back to this former Portuguese colony. Critically, the protest – and its violent crackdown – dramatically changed the way the international community regarded the Indonesian occupation of the territory. Responses to the Santa Cruz Massacre also demonstrated the growing power, influence, and impact of transnational solidarity networks and global human rights activism.

Scheduled in the leadup to the thirty-year anniversary of the massacre, this two-day online symposium will bring together international researchers to discuss this critical event. The symposium is organised by the Timor-Leste Studies Association (TLSA), Australia, in partnership with the Centro Nacional Chega (CNC), Timor-Leste. We welcome papers covering, for example, the leadup to and significance of the 12 November protest, the East Timorese clandestine movement’s strategy, the Indonesian counterstrategy and responses, and the international dimensions of this event. Papers may be presented in Tetum, Portuguese, English or Indonesian.

Abstracts for individual papers can be submitted by email to Deadline for abstract submission is Friday 30 July 2021.

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